Motorcycle Safety

Motorcycle Safety

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It is important that all motorcyclists know how to stay safe whenever they are on the road. In fact, safety should be the top priority of all motorcycle riders. Below, we give you a few tips that can help you stay safe the next time you ride your motorcycle.

Inspect Your Bike Before You Ride

You should always conduct a safety inspection of your motorcycle before you hit the road. Check your tire pressure, mirrors, and lights every time you are about to go for a ride. Be sure to walk around your motorcycle to see if there are any loose bolts, leaks, or other mechanical hazards that need to be repaired before you ride.

It is important to keep up with the regular care and maintenance for your motorcycle. Do not delay repairing what needs attention. Oil changes, chain and suspension adjustments, and brake pad replacements should be completed within the manufacturer’s recommended time-frame.

Wear the Right Gear

Looking good should not be your primary concern when you get on your motorcycle. Shorts, a T-shirt, and sandals are not the right attire for riding, no matter how hot the weather is outside. A pair of jeans will not provide enough protection against injury and road rash if you were to crash your motorcycle and begin to slide. You should wear attire with leather or protective gear, such as reinforced jackets, pants, and boots whenever you ride your motorcycle.

If you live in a state where helmet use is optional, it is strongly advised that you opt to wear a helmet whenever you ride your motorcycle. Even a low speed collision can result in a fatal head injury. Although your helmet won’t protect you from all head injuries, it can still reduce, and sometimes prevent, traumatic brain damage.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

Motorcycle riders need to constantly monitor what’s going on around them and should keep their head on a swivel at all times. You should utilize your mirrors to help you assess and maintain the space between your bike and other vehicles on the road. Avoid tailgating other vehicles and try not to let other drivers tailgate you. The more space you keep between you and other vehicles, the less likely you are to be involved in a serious accident.

Never Use Prescription Drugs Before Riding

If you are taking prescription drugs to treat a medical condition, it is important that you are very aware of how the side-effects will affect your ability to control a motorcycle. Some prescription drugs can cause dizziness or drowsiness, which can contribute to an accident. You should talk with your physician about how your medication might affect your maneuvering capabilities before you decide to get on a motorcycle.

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