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Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) are serious and the results can be very widespread and harmful. Unfortunately, these injuries also can lead to complicated cases from a legal standpoint, simply because they are so challenging to diagnose and describe. You need an experienced lawyer if you wish to effectively represent your injury and litigate your catastrophic injury case

Our team would be happy to answer your questions and to tell you more about your options and how we can build a strong case for you from day one.

Most Common Causes of Brain Injuries

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than 230,000 people are hospitalized every year due to a traumatic brain injury, with a large majority of them caused by violent blows to their head due to accidents or intentional injuries.

Leading causes of brain injuries include:

Signs & Symptoms of a Brain Injury

The signs of a traumatic brain injury can take weeks or even months to appear after the accident. Other symptoms are immediate. If you were hurt in an accident or hit your head, even if you do not show immediate signs of distress, you should receive emergency medical attention. Head injuries are very serious and can be life-threatening, but the symptoms are not always evident right away.

A brain injury may affect a patient in numerous ways, including:

  • Behaviorally / emotionally, with changes in mood, patience, irritability, irrational anger, inability to focus, repetitive behavior, or loss of constraint
  • Cognitively, with affects such as memory loss, confusion, inability to pay attention or focus, concentration problems, and amnesia
  • Physically, with issues such as balance disorders, vertigo, dizziness, fainting spells, headaches, bruising, seizures, and exhaustion
  • Speech issues such as slurred speech
  • Vision issues such as blurred vision or light sensitivity

Treating and diagnosing brain injuries can be complex, and it is important that patients seek treatment early on to identify and properly treat the condition.

Whether you suffered head trauma in a motor vehicle accident or in a slip and fall incident, learn more about how to recover compensation for your brain injury.


  • $500,000.00
  • $384,000.00
  • $234,000.00
  • $225,000.00
  • $225,000.00
  • $200,000.00
  • $195,000.00
  • $165,000
  • $160,000
  • $155,000.00

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