Seasonal Employees & Workers’ Compensation

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Whether a teenager getting a summer job or someone employed in the agricultural sector, seasonal workers are crucial for many industries. In fact, there are more than 3 million seasonal farmworkers throughout the United States. And just like any other non-temporary employees, these workers have the possibility of sustaining an injury while on the job. Considering this, it's important to understand what this could mean for workers' compensation eligibility.

Are Seasonal Workers Entitled to Benefits?

Workers' compensation for seasonal workers can be complicated, as it largely depends on your industry and job classification. In general, workers are entitled to benefits if they are in a contract with an employer and sustain an injury while on the job. This means that most seasonal workers may be eligible to receive workers’ compensation following a work accident; however, there are a few exceptions.


Unfortunately, agricultural workers are exempt from workers' compensation benefits. This means that employers in this sector are not required to provide this coverage for their employees. Likewise, independent contractors (common in the oil and gas industry) are often not eligible to file a workers' compensation claim.

How Can I Be Compensated for My Injury?

Although some professions may be exempt from carrying workers' compensation, this does not mean that workers will be left to pay for their medical expenses following a workplace accident. In some cases, workers may be able to pursue a claim through the Kentucky Uninsured Employers' Fund. To learn if you are eligible for this, contact an experienced workers' compensation attorney to better understand your options.

Work Injury? Call Our Louisville Workers’ Comp Attorney

Knowing your eligibility for workers' compensation benefits is essential for pursuing your claim. However, exceptionally negligent workplaces may warrant further legal action from non-eligible employees. Our Louisville attorneys have experience in both personal injury and workers' compensation litigation and can help you pursue justice.

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