What If No One Witnessed Your Work Injury?

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When workers are injured on the job, there are oftentimes other people who witness the accident take place and can substantiate any claims made for workers’ compensation. But what happens if no one is around when you fall, get hit by a flying object, or are otherwise injured on the job? Are you still able to successfully get workers’ comp benefits?

How to Prove a Work Injury Without Witnesses

Employers and especially their insurance companies want to protect their bottom lines. In other words, they won’t pay out just any claim that comes their way if there is insufficient evidence to show when, where, and how a work accident occurred. These details are often solidified with evidence from witnesses, so without someone to back up your claims, you risk a claim denial.

There are, however, ways that you can increase your chances of obtaining the benefits you deserve, regardless of whether someone witnessed the accident:

  • Report your injury immediately. Even if no one saw the accident, the people you talk to directly after the fact matter. Tell anyone you initially see, even if it’s a coworker, what happened and report it to your direct supervisor as well. This will create a paper trail of the accident.
  • Be detailed. When you make an official injury report with your employer, you’ll want to be as detailed as possible. Explain what you were doing when you were injured, the time and place that it occurred, and what parts of your body were affected.
  • Communicate with your doctor. Tell your doctor what happened with all the details so they can include these in your medical records. Providing honest, accurate details of your symptoms can not only help you receive proper treatment, but it can also serve as evidence for your case.

What To Do If Your Claim Is Denied

If no one witnesses your work injury take place, it’s quite possible that your workers’ compensation claim could be denied—at least initially. This doesn’t mean you are without options moving forward. Our Louisville workers’ compensation attorneys can help you file an appeal to get your claim reviewed again.

Every detail matters. We will work hard to build a solid case on your behalf backed with enough evidence to achieve a successful outcome.

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