Which Workers’ Comp Claims Are More Common in Winter?

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Winter-Related Workers’ Compensation Claims

Employees who work outdoors or in industries that require frequent travel may be affected by winter weather more than other individuals. Rain, snow, and lower temperatures may quickly become hazardous and increase the possibility of a workplace injury.

However, certain workers' compensation claims may become more frequent this time of year when bad weather hits. Read on to learn about three of the most common.

Slip and Falls

According to quarterly reports from the Kentucky Labor Cabinet, "fall or slip" claims were the top reported causes of injury from October to December 2020 and January to March 2021, accounting for 370 claims. The latter report showed a higher share of these claims.

Slip and fall cases may be more frequent in the winter months because of the increased likelihood of ice on worksites. When these sites are not adequately prepared for inclement weather or maintained throughout the season, workers may be at risk of an injury.

Car Accidents

One of the other most common Labor Cabinet claims during the winter is motor vehicle accidents. Workers employed in the transportation industry, those who haul cargo, or others who have to travel to and from worksites may be at an increased risk of these incidents. Since Louisville winter weather averages below 50 degrees and often sees some form of precipitation during this time of year, the roads may easily become hazardous, increasing this risk.

Weather-Related Injuries and Illnesses

Outdoor workers on construction sites, ranches or farms, rivers/waterways, or other sites may be susceptible to injuries or illnesses related to working outside in inclement weather. Some common examples of this may include:

  • Frostbite
  • Hypothermia
  • Trench foot
  • Illnesses like cold, flu, pneumonia, etc.

Effects of these may also be sudden, and unfortunately, some warning signs of these, like muscle stiffness and cramping, are common in cold weather and often confused with less severe ailments.

Work Injury? Call Justice Law Office

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