Can I Choose My Own Doctor After a Work Injury?

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Work accidents can cause serious injuries that may leave you unable to work. In cases like these, workers’ compensation benefits are available to cover the cost of medical treatment and make up for wages that the injured worker lost while recovering.

One of the most frequently asked questions regarding workers’ compensation is, “Do I get to choose my own doctor to treat my injury, or does my employer choose for me?”

Employees are frequently told that they must see a doctor selected by their employer, but this is not necessarily the case. At Justice Law Firm, we want to make sure that injured workers in Kentucky stay informed about their legal rights to medical treatment after a workplace accident.

Kentucky Workers’ Compensation Law

Kentucky law gives injured employees the right to seek medical treatment from a doctor of their own choosing. The doctor you choose will act as your “treating physician” and will handle all aspects of your medical care and treatment plan, including if you need a referral to see a specialist.

The only real expectation to this rule is when an employer participates in a managed care system. In this case, you are required to choose a “gatekeeper physicians” from a list of doctors provided by your employer. All physicians listed as part of a managed care plan must meet certain standards set by the Department of Workers’ Claims.

How to Choose the Right Doctor

Your employer may try to claim that you must see a doctor of their choosing when, in reality, this is not the case. Or, they may offer to set you up with a doctor they recommend. Keep in mind, however, that your best interests and your employer’s best interests may not be aligned.

If you have any questions or need assistance filing your workers’ compensation claim, don’t hesitate to reach out to our firm for aggressive legal advocacy in your corner.

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