Distracted Drivers: A Growing Threat to First Responders

Distracted driving has been a known danger to those on the road for many years. There are more distractions now than ever before. When an accident occurs, it is the first responders who are there to help the injured. They put their lives at risk to help ensure the safety of others.

Unfortunately, there are new studies from the National Safety Council that show just how dangerous distracted driving has become for first responders across the U.S.

What’s the Problem?

Following their new study, the NSC states,

“Far too many drivers take photos or videos when emergency personnel are responding to an incident.”

This is after confirming that 71% of U.S. drivers take pictures or videos when they see an emergency vehicle on the side of a road. Of these drivers, 60% post to social media about the accident, and 66% of them send an email or text relaying the news—all of which is done while behind the wheel. During normal driving conditions, these numbers are less alarming— with 24% of drivers taking photos while driving, 29% using social media, and 24% admitting to sending emails and texts. While these numbers are much lower than those driving distracted around first responders, they are still quite high when you take into account that there are over 227 million drivers currently on the road.

In the digital era that we live in, being the first person to document news may lead to your content going “viral,” which means becoming a trending topic across the nation. Many individuals seek this digital validation, which is a large reason why distracted driving around first responders is so prominent. Another reason is that people may be trying to ask loved ones if they are OK. When you see an accident on the road, your mind may initially think of those who you love, and it may make you wonder if they are safe—leading to you texting, emailing, or calling them. If this is the case, we strongly urge you to pull over and park to ensure your safety, along with everyone you are sharing the road with.

The NSC states that they are looking into measures to help prevent these distractions across the boards, and close with,

“The cruel irony is, we are putting the people who are trying to improve safety in very unsafe situations.”

However, the biggest takeaway from these statistics is the fact that driving distracted is something that is completely preventable. Meaning that driving distracted is something that you must choose to do, and by doing so, you are putting your needs above the safety of all parties around you.

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