Justice Law Office: Case Results for December 2019

Here at Justice Law Office, our personal injury attorneys are entirely focused on seeking fair compensation for our injured clients throughout Louisville and beyond. With millions recovered in settlements and verdicts, we have a strong track record that speaks to our deep commitment to justice, as well as our intensive knowledge of the law.

This month, we’re proud to share that we’ve secured $425,000 in damages for three injured clients in December. In each unique case, we applied our legal experience and skill to seek maximum compensation and fight for our clients’ futures.

Here’s a quick overview of the major cases we’ve won this month.

$100,000 Recovered for Rear-End Collision

One of our clients was the victim of a serious rear-end collision accident, suffering multiple injuries that became worse over time. Although the victim did not think they would need an attorney, our team was able to secure over four times the insurance company’s initial offer, winning a $100,000 settlement for their injuries.

Rear-end collision cases like these are often difficult to navigate, as many people assume that they are not as serious as other car accident types. But whether you’re suffering from severe whiplash or dealing with a traumatic brain injury, you can and should recover appropriate damages for a rear-end collision accident. As shown with our recent client, an attorney can also help you increase the amount offered by the insurance company.

$100,000 Recovered for Motorcycle Accident

Like many motorcycle accident victims, our client was not fully covered by the limits of their policy – leading the insurance company to claim that liability was “questionable.” Relying on our negotiating skills, we successfully convinced the insurance company to tender their policy limits and avoid costly litigation over our clients’ serious injuries. In the end, we secured $100,000 in damages.

This is a common scenario for motorcycle accident victims, who must often face unsympathetic insurers and a lack of coverage after their accident. With the help of a skilled personal injury attorney, however, your odds of receiving a settlement can increase.

$225,000 Recovered After Claims of Pre-Existing Condition

Oftentimes, insurance companies will deny payment for injury victims who have existing medical conditions, arguing that a pre-existing condition absolves them of liability. Such was the case for one of our clients: The insurance company attempted to blame a significant portion of his issues on a pre-existing condition.

By arguing that the defendant still had a duty of care to our injured client, however, our lawyers were able to secure $225,000 in a settlement with the insurance company. While many people do not realize that you can still seek compensation with a pre-existing condition, a personal injury attorney can help you overcome this obstacle and get financial recovery for your needs.

Have you been injured in a major accident? We can help you seek a fair result, too! Contact Justice Law Office for the proven representation you deserve.

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