Are You Entitled to a Workers' Comp Settlement in Kentucky Without Wage Loss?

How do workers' compensation settlements work?

A Kentucky worker injured while on-the-job, or while off-the-job but performing work-related duties, might be able to qualify for workers’ compensation benefits and coverage. As the Workers’ Compensation Act specifies, the benefits are meant to help you pay for necessary medical treatments, and make up for the wages you are missing while off your feet. But how much of your usual wages do you actually receive?

Workers comp settlements amounts in Kentucky

In Kentucky, you are entitled to 66% of your average weekly wages. Employers are obligated to meet those workers’ compensation payments regardless if you could be named liable for your own accident.

However, most people receiving just two-thirds their normal wage understandably struggle to meet their own obligations. The electric company, for example, is not going to be satisfied with a utility bill only 66.6% paid.

Fighting for Fair & Maximized Compensation

In many situations, the amount of workers’ compensation offered is simply not enough for the wrongfully injured party to make ends meet. Injuries so severe that they cause long-lasting or permanent disabilities become especially expensive to treat and live with. Receiving two-thirds of regular pay for an extended period of time can become financially crippling.

In order to set things right, it may be necessary to file a claim against the insurer or employer for more compensation. This is usually a possibility in cases that involve a third party’s gross negligence that should have been prevented by better safety protocols or company measures. If your own mistake was the cause of your accident, then it will be considerably more difficult to vie for increased benefits amounts.

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