Justice Law Office Obtains $195K Settlement in Workers' Comp Case

Our team of Louisville workers’ compensation attorneys are excited to be able to say we have once again landed a major victory for a client. This particular client – her identity will remain undisclosed for privacy – suffered a serious cervical injury while at work. The injury began causing her to experience severe balance issues that substantially limited her own mobility.

When she filed a workers’ compensation claim for help paying for the necessary medical treatments, her employer argued that her injury was not caused by her recent accident, but had instead been preexisting. The claim was denied based on this alleged information. If the employer’s words were upheld, she would stand to gain little or no financial support through her workers’ comp claim. She came to us for legal assistance instead of leaving things wholly to chance.

Recognizing our client’s dire need of support and workers’ compensation benefits, we set to work right away on her case. As we can attest firsthand, no injury claim is ever as straightforward as it seems on the surface. Due to the employer’s claims and steadfastness, we ended up in a legal battle that involved months of litigation and difficult negotiations.

In the end, though, it all paid off. We managed to secure our client a settlement of $195,000. This financial support will allow our client to obtain future treatment paid for by the workers’ compensation insurance company.

As you might have guessed it from our name, justice is our focus here at Justice Law Office. Whenever we hear of an honest worker being shorted by a dishonest insurance company or employer, we see it as our duty to use our legal abilities and experience to help set things right. If you live in Kentucky and are going head-to-head with an insurer after suffering an on-the-job injury, contact our Louisville workers’ compensation attorneys at your first opportunity to schedule a free initial consultation. We also handle personal injury claims for cases that are not work related.

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