Justice Law Office Obtains $135K Settlement for UPS Injury Claim

Justice Law Office and our Louisville UPS workers’ compensation attorneys have been able to secure a six-figure settlement for our client following an extensive series of litigation and mediation. Every now and then, a stubborn employer does not want to have anything to do with an employee’s UPS workers’ compensation claim and fights it each step of the way. This was one such case, so we are quite pleased to have been able to come to a fair settlement amount of $135,000.

Our Client's Story

Our client was working as a package handler for UPS in the fall of 2013 when he took a tumble at Worldport, UPS’s worldwide air delivery hub. The immediate consequence of his on-the-job fall was a serious knee injury. Needless to say, a knee injury for someone who needs to be on his feet and carry packages all day is a major debilitation; not to mention the pain from the injury was sometimes too much to bear. Upon receiving a medical evaluation, it was also found that our client had suffered cumulative trauma to his shoulders due to the regular wear and tear of such a strenuous and repetitive job.

Upon filing his UPS workers’ compensation claim, he was surprised to find that UPS and its insurer rejected it entirely. Both the knee injury and the shoulder trouble were denied and said to have not been their responsibility. This is when our client turned to Justice Law Office.

Right away, we could tell our client was a good guy who just wanted to be able to pay for his medical bills and necessary expenses after suffering a workplace injury. We knew we had to do everything we could to win his claim, for he truly did deserve a comfortable recovery. We litigated the claim for more than a year, refusing to back down. In the end, the $135,000 settlement was won and the case was a success.

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