Workers' Compensation

workers' compNo one ever plans to get injured at work, but accidents sometimes happen, and often occur when one least expects it. These workplace injuries can sometimes be quite severe, preventing a person from performing his or her job while being bombarded with medical bills. The Workers’ Compensation Act exists to lend a helping hand to such individuals, providing financial stability in a time of extreme need.

Kentucky’s Workers’ Compensation Law

Kentucky has a unique program when it comes to coverage. Aside from certain groups that are exempt, such as domestic workers and agricultural employees, all other employees may voluntarily accept coverage under Kentucky’s workers’ compensation program. If, for example, an employee suffers a heart attack during a performance review, that injury might be covered.


Workers’ compensation offers payment for medical care and wage replacement, which is equal to 66% of an employee’s average weekly wages. Medical expenses, reimbursement for medical travel, and compensation for the disability are also provided. If an employer does not use a managed care plan, employees may choose a physician by completing the Notice of Designated Physician form. For coal workers who suffer from pneumoconiosis, Kentucky offers special benefits for retraining as well as income replacement.

The Process

The workers’ compensation process can be an intimidating and complicated process. Insurance companies might even try to investigate your claim for fraud, which is far from what you deserve when you have been hurt on the job. Having an experienced Louisville attorney on your side can help guide you through the process and avoid the obstacles that may arise as you try to obtain the benefits you are owed.

Experienced Representation You Can Count ON

At Justice Law Office, our legal team is devoted to assisting clients throughout the entire process, answering any questions they may have along the way. We pride ourselves on remaining involved, creating personal and invested relationships with our clients because each person we represent is important to us. We help hundreds of clients with workers’ compensation claims every year and can do the same for you.

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