How To Handle an Accident or Personal Injury in 5 Steps

If you’ve been injured by someone else’s negligence & are suffering because of it this isn’t something you have to accept. Insurance exists for the reason to cover liability when bad things happen. This can happen in a car accident or an injury at a business during the course of a normal day at work or shopping.

Whenever you’ve been hurt think about how it happened & who might be at fault because medical bills are expensive & your health is priceless. Medical bills, loss of life functionality, & long term health burdens are all losses an injured party should be compensated to cover.

Step #1: Document the Accident

To successfully bring a personal injury claim you’ll need to establish that the defendant injured you. Be sure you write down exactly what happened before, during, & after the accident. Writing everything down when it is fresh in your mind will ensure that you don’t forget crucial details after the fact.

Look around for possible witnesses. If you’re able to move around after the injury look for people nearby who may have seen what happened. After locating witnesses, ask them if they would be willing to make a brief statement about what they saw. Record with your phone or write down the statements & contact information for each witness. Ask for full names, address, & telephone numbers.

Use that camera on your phone. Getting pictures of the surrounding area where the accident occurred can be crucial as environments change & you want to be sure pictures take are the same surroundings as when your accident occurred.

Step #2: Seek Medical Treatment

If you’re hurt the only way you can demonstrate that after the fact is if you had to seek medical attention. The truth of the matter is that you may have pain after an accident, but if you don’t get medical treatment, then it is hard to prove that you were hurt & easy for the defendant to argue that you were not hurt. Don’t hide your pain and boast about being just fine, get to a Doctor & get the help you need immediately.

Step #3: Be Consistent with Your Symptoms

Be consistent with your symptoms reporting. When filling out medical paperwork or speaking with your doctor or nurse, communicate your symptoms, including symptoms you’re having at that moment as well has symptoms you’ve had since the accident.

Step #4: Be Descriptive of Your Symptoms

When sharing your symptoms to your Doctor let them know exactly what type of pain you’re experiencing.Don’t forget to be accurate about your medical history because if you have had medical treatment to your lower back before & injured it again in this new accident the Doctor needs to know to prescribe the best treatment for you.

carr accident personal injury attorney

Step #5: Communicate with Your Attorney

Communicate at all times with your attorney and don’t start discussions with the insurance company without an attorney to guide you. Insurance companies prefer to settle injury claims as quickly & economically as possible & settling a claim fast is usually to avoid a lengthy litigation process. This insurance company tactic may not be in your best interest.

The complex language of insurance policies & the hardball tactics used by some claims adjusters can leave you feeling frustrated & confused. Don’t be surprised because that’s their job. Working with a personal injury attorney will ensure you get the results you are deserving for this injury.

Bonus Personal Injury Advice

Avoid those recorded conversations with insurance adjusters. Ask for everything to be in writing so you can review it closely & not mis-speak after the trauma of an accident that has left you in pain.

Do not hesitate in contacting a personal injury attorney. The longer you wait to begin the process the longer it will take for you to receive the treatment & compensation you’re deserving of the injury you’ve suffered.

Once Justice Law is involved with your case, we’ll intervene on your behalf to help you get the medical attention you need. If your injury has resulted in a temporary loss of employment, our office will assist you in securing reimbursement for your lost wages while you recover. Contact us today for a free personal injury consultation.

We can’t turn back the clock, but we can help you move forward again.



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