Justice Law Office Celebrates Workers' Comp Victory

Justice Law office recently won another hard-fought workers’ compensation claim after nearly a year of litigation.

Our client was employed by a factory producing car parts. During the course of her duties, she sustained an injury to her neck resulting in severe neurological compromise. She underwent a cervical fusion surgery to correct the damage, but was left in daily pain and now suffers from a substantial deterioration of both her motor function and strength. Her work life is essentially over; her future earning capacity was destroyed when she sustained the injury.

Her claim was denied in its entirety based on an opinion from a company doctor, leaving her with no income or medical benefits of any kind. When the carrier denied her claim, she was forced to go without wages or total temporary disability (TTD) and had to pay for certain medications and copays out of pocket.

Because the system takes so long, it took our firm a year to bring the case before an administrative law judge. After we were finally able to conduct depositions, obtain medical reports, hold a final hearing, and produce written briefs to the ALJ, the judge rendered an interlocutory award and order in our favor. We were successfully able to recover all of her past-due temporary total disability and will be seeking substantial permanent partial or permanent total disability benefits once the case is ready to be finalized. Our client is a wonderful woman who deserved this victory!

Injured at Work? We Can Help

We know the difficulties that come with a work injury, especially in Kentucky. Remember that you're not alone – we help people fight corporate giants and Big Insurance every single day. Whether it's a car accident or a Kentucky Workers' Compensation claim, Justice Law has got your back!

To speak with a Louisville workers’ compensation attorney at our firm, please contact us to set up a free legal consultation.

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