Justice Law Office Obtains $500K Settlement in Workers' Compensation Case

Recently, we won a huge victory for a client in a workers’ compensation case that we litigated for over one year. Our client was injured at work when he was crushed by a large industrial tool cabinet. He sustained serious injuries to his low back and neck and ultimately underwent a cervical fusion. Unfortunately, the incident left him with a substantially diminished work capacity.

The insurance company denied responsibility for a portion of his lost-time benefits, denied his low back injury, and refused to allow him the opportunity to choose his own physician, which is against regulation.

After his medical rehab was completed, our client struggled to find work that he could perform. As a life-long laborer, he did not have the skill set necessary for a sedentary or high-level job. He was struggling just to get by.

After over a year of litigation, we finally prevailed. The Administrative Law Judge approved a Permanent Total Disability award valued at over $500,000.00. The award was more than three times the Defendant’s last settlement offer.

At Justice Law Office, justice is part of our name – we work hard to ensure that injured people receive the full and fair compensation they deserve after an accident. To learn more about our firm and our practice, please visit our Workers’ Compensation page. To schedule a free consultation with a Louisville workers’ compensation attorney, please fill out an online contact form or call us at (502) 822-2230.

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